Silo Features

Moylan Grain Silos manufactures Silos to the highest quality.  Below are some of the in-depth features that make us a leading manufacturer.

High tensile heat silo

High Tensile Heat Reflection Walls

Structural Grade Zincalume profiled to withstand the stresses of lupin storage.

silo fumigation chamber

Fumigation Chamber

Place your phosphine tablets on the mesh tray, close the door and goodbye weevils. (Ag Department and Murdoch University testing...)
University testing over winter and summer shows nothing kills weevils faster.

silo aeration duct

Aeration Duct

Fitted standard to larger silos. Simply add a fan now or in the future, to keep your grain in good condition.
Perfect for storing grain at high moisture levels.

Silo out loading space

Outloading Gap

1 metre out loading space for larger Augers and amp Elevators.

Henrob Self Piercing Rivets

Henrob Self-Piercing Solid Rivet

We only use Henrob self-piercing sold rivets on all wall and base seams, ensuring total  seam strength and guaranteeing an airtight seam.


silo ladder

15 Degree Side Ladder and Safety Cage

Now standard on all silos, for safer access to the top of the silo. Pull out the ladder to use, it sits close to the silo when not in use.

silo outlet handle

New Bottom Outlet Handle

Universal joint raised bottom outlet handle.
Multi-position lock for regulating grain flow.

silo filling port

Large Centre Filling Port

The Ground Operated Top Lid uses a direct linkage system to open and amp close the lid from the safety of the ground. A simple locking device seals the lid once in the closed position. This and the 30” diameter filling port make it a breeze when positioning your auger for filling.

silo pressure relief valve
Large 90mm Pressure Relief Valve

Allows you to empty your silo, without opening a manhole.
silo base hopper
Rotating Base Hopper

The large base hopper opening ensures a large range of auger elevation while unloading the silo. The auger can be situated at truck bin height or lower without fouling the hopper opening.
Aeration Fan

Optional Extra - Aeration Fan

Maintain stored grain in peak condition. Manages humidity and reduces the likelihood of insect activity


Opt. Extra - Hot Dipped Galvanised Blocks

Opt. Extra - Hot Dipped Galvanised Blocks

HDG Blocks slide under the base of the silo (between the base ring and concrete pad) allowing for easy cleaning.


Guaranteed Sealed Silos

Don't Jeopardise Grain Quality in an Unsealed Silo

All Silos Are Tested and Sealed to AG. Department Standards

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