Moylan Freight Delivery

"capable of delivering 1000T of sealed storage positioned, shimmed & bolted down ready for use in a day"

Field Bin Freight

$7 plus GST per km one way

Minimum Freight $600 plus GST

Circular Bin Delivery

Circular Feeder Freight

Field Bin Delivery

Silo Freight

Silos over 3.5M $5.00 + GST Per km, per Silo

Silos 3.5M and Under $4.00 + GST Per km, per Silo

Minimum Freight Charge $600 plus GST per Silo

Loaded Silos

Silo Delivery Includes

Positioning of Silos

DYNA Bolting the silo to your concrete pad

Galvanised shims if needed and all oversize/western power permits

Silo Delivery

Optional Extra

12MM Galv blocks to lift Silo base off the pad: 

$250 plus GST per Silo fitted

1500 Bushel or smaller Silo $200 plus GST per Silo fitted

$200 plus GST per Silo supply only

Moylan Freight Delivery

Concrete Pad Reminder

If you have silos orders or thinking of ordering, 


We can get your silos to you on time if your pad is down early.

January payment is available with all silos, field bins and self-feeders

Moylan Delivery

The Moylan Freight Delivery Service straight onto a customer Concrete Pad.

Moylan Grain Silos

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