Hydraulic Choke

Hydraulic Choke, 15" Auger

Modern tractors with electronic PTO activation produce shock loads when moving the tone of grain in a 15" auger from a standing start, high tractor RPM on startup is a major cause of breakages. Shutting off or reducing the amount of grain in the barrel avoids this, clutches by their nature slip, a slipping clutch in a crop is not clever.

Older lesser horsepower tractors

Controlling the flow of grain allows the old 9G with the old PTO clutch to operate the 15" auger, once started it doesn't take a lot of HP to run at capacity.

Regulating flow when feeding seed cleaner is another handy feature. 

12V Solenoid Remort Control for Hydraulic Choke/Wheel-Lift

  • 100 mtr range 

  • Adjust and monitor grain flow

  • Shift trailers without shutting the tractor down  

$3100.00 PLUS GST

Silo Remote Control
silo hydraulic choke
Silo Choke Indicator

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