Multi Purpose Fertiliser/Grain Silo

Multi-Purpose Fertiliser/Grain Silo Specifications

  • Corrosion free-Platic/Colour bond roof and wall sheets
  • Cone, 42-degree base cone angle.
  • 400mm self-cleaning slide door 
  • 2 Access tubes are located above the bottom outlet to break up any lumps that form. Belting the silo wall with a rubber mallet is not recommended.
  • 12mm hot-dipped galvanised shims placed under each leg elevates the base ring and allows clean up of any spilled produced

Standard quality features include:

  • Fumigation system 
  • Large auger out opening 
  • Ground operated top lid 
  • Self-piercing high tensile rivets (no pop rivets) 
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Fertiliser/Grain Silo

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